Kiwanis Forms & Reports

This page will contain links to important forms and documents that Members need to complete to join, update information, complete Background Checks, etc.  A useful composite website of many useful Kiwanis and Club related forms can be found on the TO District website:

TO District Forms & Reports Directory & Listing


1.  Kiwanis Background Check.  Required of all members every 2 years.  This is a TO District level fee.  Cost is $5.85 per member.  Please pay with credit card, and request reimbursement, if you feel it is necessary.  The Board voted to make this a member cost (amounts to about $.25/month); however, it is open to member suggestions.

Kiwanis Background Check Link (DBK ONLY) Here.  All DBK members MUST complete this check every 2 years.


2.  Sponsored Youth Advisors KI Background Check.  All Advisors and Kiwanis members who sponsor one of our Youth Clubs MUST COMPLETE the Kiwanis International Back ground Check.   Cost is $25 every 2 years.  Club will reimburse those members, who request it.  Questions & Answers about this Background Check.  You may skip the SCAN DRIVERS LICENSE STEP.

Kiwanis International Background Check ($25).  Sponsored Youth Club Advisors and Sponsors ONLY!

Go to the KIWANIS tab on the Member Navigation Panel.